Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catch Up!

It's been crazy!  Class and lab on Monday, I had to run home to the dog before class on Tuesday, on Wednesday, I had class and had to run errands.  Whew!  So glad the week is almost over.

Here's a quick recap:
Breakfasts have been oatmeal, but I ran out of yogurt, so I've been using milk instead of water.  We ran out of fruit on Wednesday, so I used dried cranberries Wednesday morning, and after going to the store Wednesday night, I used fresh blackberries this morning.

I've been packing bento-style lunches.  Wednesday, I sent one with Kendall and work bought pizza, so I didn't eat mine until today.  Mine wasn't as crisply separated after spending some major time in the fridge, but tasted great!  Kendall loved his Wednesday, and I hope he likes Thursday's lunch as well...
Kendall and I had cold Asian noodle salad with scrambled eggs and lots of veggies.  I used more bell peppers and broccoli as fillers.  There was also 1/2 C of steamed edamame.  I have a piece of cheese folded into triangles and Kendall had an extra sandwich.  We both took apples.

I ate my apple with pizza and someone in the office gave me half an avocado.

Today, I brought a side dish of extra veggies (asparagus and bell pepper) along with some pineapple and blackberry and kiwi skewers.  I added a few sour gummy bears for something special.

Kendall took turkey, provolone and spinach roll-ups or "sandwich sushi rolls" with asparagus and bell pepper, pineapple, berry and fruit skewers and gummy bears.

Bentos are a Japanese lunch- fun, artfully displayed boxed lunches that usually feature a diverse and nutritious lunch.  I have fun when I make them, but have to make them the night before as they are more time-consuming.

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