Thursday, March 4, 2010

Potlucks and Tests

Thursday, sweet Thursday.  So close to the weekend, and yet, not Friday.

This morning, I made some oatmeal, grabbed my coffee, and put my boots on.  Work was hoppin'; people were in a good mood because we were having a potluck, our bosses took calls, we found out that they are giving us our birthdays off paid without having to take vacation time, and things have been pretty slow.

The theme was like, chuckwagon, cowpoke, rodeo style.  Which mean lots of chili, potato salad, etc.  Honestly, I didn't think the theme was the best, because it didn't allow for a lot of diverse interpretation, so the choices were limited.

That is a bowl of vegetarian chili, a smattering of coleslaw without mayo (stocked up on that), some mac 'n' cheese (about 2 Tbsp), a big hunk of cornbread, some chips and dip.  The slaw wasn't really tasty, but it was purely vegetables and a vinaigrette, so I chowed down.

Somewhere inside of me, I knew I wouldn't have enough veggies or fruits from the potluck fare, so I grabbed a big of vegetable juice and half a grapefruit at home to round things out.

Tonight, I had a biology test and felt really good about it!  All that chemistry is paying off. 

I came home and had some cheese pizza and a beer.  People, I realize that I believe in sound nutrition, but sometimes, at certain points in your life, you need some comfort food. 

Now, Kendall and I are biding our time with American Idol until Pam and Jim have a baby on The Office.

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