Monday, March 15, 2010

Sick Posts and Weekend In Review

Sorry I haven't had any posts lately.  I was sick last week.  I went to work for half a day and then came right back home.  By Friday, I was starting to feel a bit better.  On Saturday, I was as good as new!  Here are a few posts from my sick week:

Roast Red Peppers and Cheese Omelet with Potatoes and Toast

Indonesian Noodles with Veggies and Stawberries

I also had English Muffins with butter and jam, some soups, some wraps, etc.  Easy stuff. 

On Saturday morning, I had some raisin bran with milk and berries.

The good news is that Spring has Sprung!  The weather has been beautiful!

One Pear Tree in Bloom

Some Nice Buds

Full on Bloom

Pomegranate starting to bud

Hope you all had a great week!

For the weekend, we spent time celebrating my birthday!  For lunch on Saturday, we picked up some pizzas and made some salad when my parents and in-laws came over for lunch.  My in-laws brought a cake!  For dinner, we had leftover pizza and some caprese salad and guac.  Yum!

On Sunday, we cleaned out the fridge and had Italian tuna salad, some teriyaki noodles, and berries.  It was nice to get that stuff out of there.  Sunday night... we might have hit up sushi happy hour at Sushi Niichi.  We started out with a set of Red Devil rolls and some Blue Moonlight rolls.  They are happy fish explosions in the mouth. They definitely feature tempura shrimp, other fish (crab, or tuna or salmon) and this spicy mayo sauce.  They are amazing.  We also had some salmon rolls and one more round of the Blue Moonlight.  Happy Early Birthday to me!

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