Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Few Recommendations...

It's been a while since I've posted some recommendations for some of the simple joys that life has tossed my way... 

Cleaning Out Closets:
Do this!  I spent a few minutes purging my clothes on my birthday and it was time well-spent.  I flicked through my hangers, deciding what to keep and what to donate.  Often, I think we know what doesn't fit right, what makes us feel frumpy or nasty, what's too short or too long, what's totally out of style, but we keep it anyway!  I tell myself that it's still good, that it's not that bad, but ultimately, I need to thow it out.  Also, this doesn't take that much time!  It might feel daunting, but I was able to go through my stuff in about 15 minutes.

What's left is a closet of clothes that you like, you feel good in and that look good on you!  You also have a stream-lined wardrobe.  Oh, and a closet bar that isn't buckling under pressure.  I highly recommend.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh, or the store-brand:
I discovered this little gem a few weeks back, but have been waiting until temperatures rise around the nation to talk about it.  It's lightweight and refreshing.  It soaks in immediately.  Did I mention that it's lightweight?  Also, let me note that it smells amazing when applied after using that apricot exfoliating bath wash.  Also, it's lightweight.  Here's why that is important: In Texas, in the dead of summer, you last thing you want is some thick, greasy lotion that takes FOREVER to soak in while you dance around before pulling on your clothes.  In July, you really just want one moment in your day when your clothes don't stick to you and cling to your skin for dear life.  It's gross, it's nasty.  So this lotion is heavenly, because it smells light, feels light, soaks in quickly and doesn't leave your skin tacky for clothes.  Ahh...

That's all for now, folks!

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