Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Successful Day Back

It was a nice day back at work.  Things were slow and quiet and I'm getting to try my hand at some technical writing!  I forgot to snap a photo of lunch, but I had leftover teriyaki chicken noodles, which were loaded with veggies (about 1 C of a mix of broccoli, sugar snap peas and carrots).  I also had an apple and 3 strawberries.

Then I went to my dentist and got my nightguard!  I am weirdly excited about it because it means I will have relief in my jaw for the first time in forever.  I'm going to try it out in just a bit.

Today, I was surfing my blogs, and I saw this recipe over at Pioneer Woman.  I realized I had everything ready for it!  The differences between hers and mine are that I used a frozen homemade crust, so it wasn't very thin, and I put a layer of baby spinach leaves below the chicken, onion and cheese for an extra nutrient boost!

The result: AMAZING!  I loved the flavor combo, and Kendall even noted that the cilantro was an unexpected but great twist that really worked with the BBQ sauce, cheese and chicken.  I highly recommend this puppy!  If you aren't a chicken eater, I'm fairly certain you can search online and find a fun way of BBQ some tofu cubes and get a yummy result.

This pizza was stacked high with toppings!  The chicken cubes gave it height, which was sort of fun to eat.  We also had some guac and a dark beer.

Now we're off to snuggle in bed and watch some Hulu, because there's nothing interesting on TV tonight.

Good night all!

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