Thursday, March 18, 2010


This morning was all about getting out the door early!  I carpooled and my ride showed up a bit earlier than I usually leave, which meant I had to scramble a bit.  I got dressed, was pleased to find that my wet hair last night did night bend and go crazy during my slumber and that I could just brush it and go (I threw a hair tie on my wrist just in case).  Then I made lunches and got to work on my breakfast.... oats!

PB & J Oats with a side of cantaloupe cubes.

A Note about Oats:  I recently switched from flavored instant oatmeal packets to a can of quick-cooking plain oats.  I did this in order to control the sugar, additives and other stuff that goes into oatmeal.  I make these in the microwave with water, then stir in some plain non-fat yogurt.  Then I flavor with about 1 tsp vanilla and about 1-2 tsp brown sugar.  Then I add toppings!  I've found that this doesn't add a lot of time to my morning routine and I feel better about what I'm eating.

I was making oatmeal with 1/2 C dried oats, but that was a lot of food, so this morning I decreased it to 1/4 C dried oats.  I was pretty happy with how much I ate and still felt full!  I sprinkled on some granola and some peanut butter and some rasperry preserves.  So great!  Classic flavors.

It's going to be a PB&J day, because that's what I packed for lunch, along with some fruit and baby carrots.  Tonight, I'm planning a new meal, so stay tuned.

Hope you have a great day!  Almost the weekend...

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