Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend in Review

Long time, no post. I know. Mea culpa... again.

Friday's breakfast was oatmeal. For lunch, some black beans, a piece of toast, and a salad. Then for dinner, Kendall came home from his week long conference, and we ordered pizza! We had it with a beer. Yum!

Saturday morning, we slept in. I beat Kendall out of bed, and decided to get all domestic and welcome him home with some crepes! We ran our errands, and went home for lunch. I roasted a Cornish hen and we had French Onion soup... more on that later! Then I boiled some chicken and made some stock for dinner.

We had a friend over for dinner, and I made chicken fideo. So good. So hearty. I love that stuff. Good lord. We fed 3 people and I later boxed up enough for 4 more meals. More on that later. We also had salad, but finished it that night. That brings my grand total per meal to $1.34! Just the fideo by itself is just $0.63. Um... score!
Sunday morning, we were up and at'em! I had the best.oatmeal.ever, and then helped clean the kitchen and floors. The house was spin and span! Then Kendall did taxes and I did homework. AND I baked this...
Cranberry-Walnut-Cinnamon Bread. Oh baby!

After all of our hard work, it was time for some lunch. I had two pieces of left over chicken and spinach pizza and some more French Onion soup. Yes. It was good.
We shopped around Sunday afternoon for a phone and finally figured out something that will work. Why new phones? Because Maple chewed on my phone charger, breaking the cord, rendering it useless. We had both been meaning to replace our phones, and here was our golden opportunity.
For dinner, a little Asian slaw... which is super duper delicious!

While I used at dinner... chicken teriyaki and brown rice and a beer. So hearty and filling.

AND CHEAP. It made enough for four meals, and came out to $1.17 per meal. Great deal!

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