Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blue Plate Special

I started the day with a frigid walk with our dog, then a shower and a breakfast of raisin bran with milk. I grabbed some coffee and headed to the dermatologist. Luckily, my new medication has been working great! Hooray!

Then our car didn't start, so Kendall drove me to work. I had packed some black beans and an orange for lunch. Not huge, but it held me. I also had a chocolate from someone's desk.

My friend gave me a lift home, and she met Maple, and loved her! By the time she left, we were pretty hungry, but took Maple for a short walk. Then I got to business chowing down.

I made a microwaved "baked" potato, and topped with sauteed spinach (1 C), some black beans (1/2 C) some canned tomatoes (1/2 C), avocado (1/4 C) and a little cheese. I added some spices and paired with a glass of red wine. Talk about a veggie mash-up! It was filling, warm and hearty... perfect for today! And I got my veggies in!

For dessert, I had some blackberries (an entire 6 oz. container). They were delicious!

We went out to buy Maple a little extra something for the cold snap that blows in on Thursday. We found a doggie sweatshirt. Normally, I'm not about dressing up dogs, but I read that for little dogs her size, she can use an extra layer.

Now we are off to bed. G'night, folks!

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