Monday, January 4, 2010

Checkin' In!

Sorry for yet another delay in posts. I do have photos on my camera and I will update them tonight!

Here's a quick recap:

On Saturday, we went to the vet and Maple got a clean bill of health! We ran a few errands, and then took her out for a walk in the park. We got home and chilled with her, and then put her to bed in her crate. She hated it! She barked and whimpered the entire night.

Sunday, we woke up and came up with a new plan. We decided to try her in our bathroom so she could see us, but not be crated. We taught her the new boundaries and she did great! We all took a quick nap and then my nephews came over for Christmas gift opening. I served a few snacks, we opened presents, then we all went to the park. Maple did great with the boys! We had to run to my in-laws real quick, but we came home and chilled out upstairs so she could get used to the new area. Then we all settled in for a nice, quiet night and woke up this morning well-rested!

Rest is so important this time of year. The forecast is colder here than last month, so I'm hoping to try out some soups and stews. Good thing I got that crock-pot cookbook! I'm also hoping to teach Kendall some cooking and crock-pot pointers so he can continue to make healthy meals for himself while I'm back in school.

Soups are a great way to get back on track after the holidays... broth-based soups are low in fat and are very hydrating (all that liquid!). Chock them full of your favorite veggies and a protein of some sort, add a starch in the soup or on the side, and you've got a satisfying meal. I hope to make a big batch of vegetable soup soon so we can get back to a more balanced diet after these past few weeks!

More tonight, I promise!

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