Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Real Bad Blogger

This morning started with taking the Mapster on a walky-walk. It was really quiet and kind of misty, which translates to creepy. After getting dressed, I got my breakfast ready.

'Twas a nice drive to the office. This morning, our e-mail program decided we all needed new signature blocks, so I was one of the lucky few to teach everyone else how to fix it. Hooray! The rest of the day was nice, and I trained our new team members. Hooray 2!

Also, I spent my in-between time to e-mail my Brain Sister. Shout out to my Brain Sister, who follows this blog closely! AND it's a statistically proven fact that e-mailing and talking to her regularly makes me a happier person. Hooray 3!

Then I was home for a bit to grab a bite before class.

I really like my new professor! She's super organized and funny. Yes! Hooray 4! Then I came home, ate some dinner and am chilling with TV, Husband, Maple and one dark beer. Hooray 5!

A little later, I am hoping to flip through my new issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Hooray 6!

No photos today, but luckily, you can easily imagine it...

Le Menu:
2 slices cinnamon raisin bread with a bit of butter
1 light yogurt
1 small snack apple
More coffee
2 oz. raw pecans
1 oz. raisins
Turkey and Swiss on 12 Grain Sandwich, with lettuce and Dijon
2 C vegetable soup
1 medium apple
Hot Decaf Tea
1 oz Swiss cheese on 1 slice Potato bread with a bit of Dijon
1 small snack apple
1 C brown rice
1 C Spicy Peanut stew
1 C asparagus
1 beer

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