Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hungry all the time...

Perhaps it has been the fact that I feel like I've been running 90 miles a minute recently, but I have been HUNGRY all day, all week!

So, you know how I sort of didn't write about what I ate on Tuesday? Well guess what? I didn't STARVE or anything-- I had best. ever. oats with peanut butter & milk for breakfast, a chicken breast 6-inch sub on 9-grain bread and LOTS of veggies for lunch, a PIECE OF CARROT CAKE for a snack before class (because I was starving and my body was craving FAT) and then chicken pot pie and a salad for dinner. And I drank water. Lots of water. And I ended the evening with herbal tea.

And yesterday, I had an omelet, grapefruit, juice, an English muffin, coffee, a salad, soup, a tortilla, tuna salad with crackers, and ravioli! Oh, and chocolates and a piece of pie! I'm eating! So why am I so hungry?

Do you ever experience this phenomenon? When I look at what I've put in my mouth, I feel like I shouldn't be hungry, but I am. Hmph.

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