Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Alive and Well

The morning started with a little walk in the drizzle with Maple. We successfully chilled-the-hell-out when meeting our neighbor's dog, Gracie. Gracie is smaller than Maple and she is very, very shy. So when Maple goes all freak-o on her out of excitement, Gracie gets scared and cowers. Maple needs to learn that not scaring someone is key to making friends. After a bit, she sat and they sniffed each other. Yay! Much better.

Then it was breakfast time... Blueberry juice, light yogurt and two barely burnt waffles...

with syrup, of course...

I drove through the drizzle and got to work safe and sound. We had a power outage and our server went down, so... things got a little hairy. But everything worked out fine!
Lunch was delicious... leftovers from last night. It was just as delicious as it was yesterday!
Tonight, I came home and whipped up some black beans and rice. Warm, hearty, healthy, cheap!

It was filling.

Check out that avocado action!
But, like most citizens of the world, my heart and mind have been with the people of Haiti and the miserable situation they face. The stories and footage have been truly heartbreaking.
Gentle readers, if you have a little extra jingle in your pockets, I encourage you to consider donating to one of the many reputable charity organizations that are provided the much-needed relief in Haiti. Such basic necessities are needed; when you hear that $5 can make a difference, believe it. Think of the water, rice, gauze, antiseptic you can buy with that.
For me, I am so grateful that I am in a position to give, to do what I can from afar, and that tonight, I can crawl into my bed, in my house, with food in my belly... all warm, healthy and sound.

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