Thursday, January 21, 2010

After a lovely night's rest, I got up and took Maple on a little walk. Then I came back, got dressed for work, and made this:
Guess what's missing? Peanut butter. Saddest part of my day.
Work was sort of busy, which was fine, but I worked through my snack. So I was ready for lunch. Kendall packed today, so here's what I ate...

A PB & J on potato bread, 1 C veggie soup, 1 apple and 4 chocolate pretzels. Best husband ever? Perhaps.

I raced home and Maple and I walked to the mailbox, and then I had a yogurt. Then I got goin' to class. I think I'm going to like this Bio business....

I came home and assembled these:

Black beans, flour tortillas, CHEESE, tomatoes, cilantro, and green onions...

Oh yeah. That's right. Come to mama.

Then I had some shortbread cookies and decaf. How did I get these shortbreads? The Girl Scouts, naturally. I came home last night to 4 boxes. My husband said, "The neighbor girl stopped by. And she couldn't figure out the change, and I felt bad, but it was also cute so I just asked her if I could make a donation of my change." Best husband ever? Definitely.

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