Sunday, January 31, 2010

Um, we can talk for a sec?

This stuff is divine. I want to be clear; I don't know the folks at Pacific Natural foods and they don't know me, but they did something really, really good. Kendall and I have been on a hunt for good French Onion soup since Tres Konor in Chicago. But we've been seeking one without beef broth. This is REALLY good.

Not as good as Tres K. But a close second.

At $3 for 32 oz., it's a decent deal.

Just heat and serve. But see how it's brothy? That's because it's all broth. Not an onion in sight. Definitely in taste, but not in sight. So I would saute your own onions to add to this.

I also recommend adding a little extra. Like some homemade croutons and shredded cheese.

Worth it, no?

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