Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hit the Road!

Well, I was going to blog last night. I had every intention. I started snapping photos in the morning before work. Then I came home, walked the puppy and took her to the vet. When home, I got my dinner together and took my camera out. And I took pictures of my food... and my dog...

Then my phone rang. 'Twas my husband. He had just found the deal of the century on a car! So I scooped up Maple, tried to talk her through her fears of our car (all cars) and drove to the dealership.

A few hours later, I drove home in a new car. It was an exciting moment. Also nervous, because I didn't want to crash the thing. When we got home, we were tired, and a little hungry. So we ate, and talked about our new purchase, and then it was lights out.

So...I'll post up photos tonight, I promise!

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