Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Dog, New Car... New Life?!?!

Pffft! Hardly. Let this post be a post about repeats, folks.

So as promised, here's a photo from yesterday. This is what a scarfed down for dinner before heading to wheel-and-deal!

Now let's back up... Monday morning, I just so happened to whip up the most amazing oats ever (meaning Baked Apple instant oats with milk, applesauce, cinnamon and peanut butter).

I had a banana for a snack. It was underripe and sort of yucky. For lunch, a little turkey and jalapeno jack on whole wheat with lettuce and mayo. Yum. And an apple. And some popcorn.

Then at dinner, the chili and the salad, which I drizzled some Ranch on it. I needed it to power me through test driving, of course!

The End.


This morning, I took Maple on a walk at 5:45 am. Now, I love this dog. One of my new favorite things in the world is to have her sit on my lap and I kiss behind her ears and sort of nuzzle and then she looks up and licks at me. It's sweet. We have an understanding of lurve. However, at 5:45 am, when it's a bit chilly out and I am carrying her you-know-what around in a baggy and some nice gentleman walks by to get to his bus stop and she tries to jump on him to greet him and make friends and then keeps jumping and jumping as he disappears into the horizon...well, I look at that dog and think, "What happened to our calm understanding of lurve?"

So ANYWAY... We got home and she got her Iams, and I got my amazing oatmeal once again. Score!

Kendall packed lunches, the saint. And when I got into that thing, I found a PB & Raspberry J sandwich on whole-wheat. And chips. And a big juicy apple. And then... I found chocolate-covered pretzels. I thought, Holy Toledo, I love that man!

So for dinner, we had the rest of the chili and salad with a few chips. Sound familiar?

Guess what, people? I don't know if you've heard, but there's this little show called "American Idol," and the let people from all over this great land audition and see if their singing voices are nice.

So I thought, what the heck am I doing?! I've got to whip up some guac and STAT!

And guess what else? This might have been my BEST. GUAC. EVER. Even Kendall agrees, and he's like scary Chef Gordon Ramsay when it comes to guac. Not really. But seriously, he's brutally honest. Like Simon Cowell... but American and blonde and he gives me chocolate pretzels.

See how creamy? This is because of my whipping technique and then I chopped up everything really really fine. The flavors melded, the gates opened, the seas parted.

Now, I've been told that there's a request to see more photos of the Mapster. So here's one. I took it the other night before clenching the best deal on a car ever. They say that dogs can really sense feelings and things. And I think this dog knew that we were about to get a great deal. Look at her. Her jowls are just dripping with expectation!

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