Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend in Review + Today

Saturday's lunch was a quick throw together. We had some leftover cacciatore, rice and green beans, but to buff up the veggies and protein, we also had a salad with crumbled blue cheese. I drizzled some ranch dressing and apple cider vinegar on mine and gave it a toss. Then I had an orange for dessert. Yum!

We decided on comfort food for dinner, so I baked some chicken fingers, whipped up some mac 'n' cheese and made a nice salad. I paired it with a glass of red wine and later had a beer as we watched a movie.

For breakfast on Sunday, we were tired, and felt that we needed to leave the dog in the crate to get used to it during the day and maybe nap. So we had donuts! Not the best, I'm well aware, but they sure tasted good. I had one cake, and 1.5 glazed. Plus coffee, which was much needed after the rough night.
For lunch, we were getting things ready for the gift exchange after a little nap, so we had a few leftover chicken fingers (about 5). I tried to put out some healthier choices, like carrot sticks and cucumber chips with a little Parmesan dip, I made some guacamole and put out a few chips, and a bowl of fresh blackberries. I also had a bottle of 100% Kiwi Strawberry juice and some club soda. It was refreshing and fun. I had about 1 C of carrots, a few cucumber chips, probably 2 Tbsp guac, a handful of chips and 4-5 berries.
For dinner, we used up chips and avocado by making some nachos. On the side, I spiced up some tomato soup with oregano, cumin, and chile pepper. I sprinkled a little jalapeno-jack on top of my soup and added red onions and jalapenos to the nachos. On the side is "mocktail," inspired by KERF's mocktails. It's kiwi strawberry juice and club soda.

This morning, I got up after a blissful night of sleep and took the dog for a walk. Then Kendall got lunch ready and I got dressed. I had a breakfast of raisin bran with milk and grabbed my coffee.
I got hungry about an hour before lunch, so I made some hot cocoa.
For lunch, I had a turkey and Muenster on whole-wheat with a bit of lettuce. Plus I had a pear and for dessert, a little Munch 'n' Crunch!
I came home and took the dog for another walk. The air had quite a bite!
I had put on a slow-cooker full of black beans so tonight was a "pie" of chips with black beans, a bit of cheese, some avocado, jalapeno, red onion and cheese. I paired it with a "mocktail," and chowed down! I went back for seconds, but less chips, fewer beans, no avocado and less cheese.
Now we're chilling with decaf, watching the puppy play and watching "Antique Road Show."

I didn't get a lot of veggies today, but there is cold snap on the way, so I'm hoping to make it up in veggie soup later!

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