Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was a little crazy.  By which I mean, it was sort of zany and then I got stuck with more things for tomorrow that will make tomorrow even zanier.  By which I mean, I got into the office, had to sift through e-mails, had to call lots of people within a small timeframe, be in a meeting, answer questions, etc.  My routine got back to normal this afternoon.  Tomorrow will be totally different.

Then I had to be on campus, get my transcripts sent to my grad school choice, do some studying and be in class.  Class was fun.  We talked about Ambien.  Amen.

But that's not what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about FOOD.

Would a morning be a morning without oatmeal?  Probably not.  Had some with milk and peanut butter.  Then I had a coffee DISASTER. 

After getting dressed, I came down to eat (I had 10 minutes) and get out the door to work.  I thought the coffee had been taken care of.  I thought my husband, barista-extraordinaire, had made some.  But he hadn't.  Dangit!  I was flapping around like a chicken in an ice bath.  I was making oatmeal, washing apples for lunches and making coffee.  I thought all was at peace when I sat down to eat, but when I got up to pour my coffee and leave, I saw that there was no coffee in the carafe.  Because the carafe was not properly in the machine.  So I pushed it in... and the coffee came rushing out of the filter basket.  Most of it landed in the carafe, but some also got on the counter.  And I wiped and cleaned and cursed.  Then I poured my coffee, tasted it, cursed that it tasted burnt, and scuddled out the door.

[Insert work craziness here.]

Lunch was a bowl of black beans with some salsa, 1 C of baby carrots, and 2 C of cantaloupe cubes.  For a snack before class, I had a cinnamon roll.

[Insert fun class talking about Ambien... and alkenes, but WHATEVER, that-is-boring-stuff.]

DINNER!  Nachos.  Heavenly food.

Black beans on chips and some salsa.  Warm.  Crispy.  Salty.  Dadgum delicious.  I am happily home, happily cozy and happily relaxing. 

Good night!

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