Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Place

This morning, I slept in!  It felt so good to get some rest.  I haven't been sleeping well this past week, so I took a Tylenol PM and it worked.  I cuddled on the couch with the dog and made coffee.  Kendall got up and we cleaned.  I didn't get hungry until 11 am, so we just had lunch at about 11:30 am.

Kendall made pasta and white sauce with tomatoes and onions.

It was yummy, but the onions were pretty strong!

Then we took Maple out for a walk.  We had a nice one, but noticed she has really been pulling during her walks and ends up wheezing and coughing.  We've tried to teach her "heel" since we got her, but she gets so excited, she pulls ahead.

After her walk, we dropped her off and were ready for a snack.  We thought we'd go find a new fried ice cream joint.  We went to Sushi Niichi by campus, but found that they didn't have fried ice cream.

They did, however, have sushi happy hour starting at 4 pm.  Lord have mercy.

We got an 8-piece plate of the tuna roll and an 8-piece plate of the salmon rolls.  Both were delicious, but the salmon was our favorite.  We decided to turn into an early dinner and split another plate of salmon rolls!

Blissful.  We noticed the next door was a cute gift shop and they served bubble tea.  That's all we needed to know.

I got an almond milk tea with less sugar.  It was really good, but pricey.  Then we returned a phone car charger and got Maple a harness and new leash.  We had to return the harness for another size, but we got it figured out. 

Then we took Maple for a little walk and were very pleased with the result!  It acts like a pause button on the walk, so when she pulls ahead, we can hold the leash tight and we won't pull harder against it-- it just stops her in her tracks. 

I've affectionately named her new item the "vest."  Yes, I wish it was denim and yes, I wish I could embroider it and add some flare buttons.  But nylon will have to do for now.

Now we're watching the Olympics, drinking some wine and perhaps having some popcorn and cookies.

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