Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last Night and This Morning

Well hello!

I have a confession. Last night, I came home from my lab HUNGRY. This is likely to do with the fact that we ground up spinach leaves with ether and acetone and man, does that smell TASTY!

Just kidding. It was because I hadn't had a bite in over 4 hours.

So I went straight for the fridge and ate a good cup or so of leftover Asian slaw. I think it was better on day two because the dressing really had a chance to work its magic on the cabbage. And I had a nice fat hunk of my cranberry-walnut-cinnamon bread. That was REAL good. And my hubby told me that it was probably the best sweet bread he's ever tasted. Be still, my beating heart.

This morning, I fixed up some of the best. oats. ever. And I grabbed my coffee and headed out the door.

For a snack, I had some dry cereal. It was sweet and crunchy. And for lunch, I had a sandwich, the rest of the slaw, and an apple.

And WHY am I telling you all of this NOW? Because I am going to post all about making homemade microwave dinners tonight, my dears.

Stay tuned!

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