Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

Another beautiful weekend in Austin, TX!

Saturday evening, Kendall and I went out for our Valentine's dinner. We went to Enoteca Vespaio, one of our favorite spots. We really splurged on our calories and fat... We always order the fried calamari sandwich with lemon aioli. It's so good! Seriously some of the best calamari I've ever had. It's always fresh, not rubbery or chewy and the batter isn't too heavy for the fish. The lemon aioli is a perfect compliment, not too thick!

Then we decided it was a good night for pizza, so we had the arriabiata. It was good, but not as good as the margherita looked at the next table. Wish we would have gone with that! The crust is really thin and the dough is almost sweet. It's really lovely! But there wasn't enough sauce for my taste, and the cheese didn't really "pop" on this pizza. Oh well! It was still pretty good!

We headed home and split a Guinness beer. Then we brewed some decaf and snacked on a few Girl Scout cookies while watching the Olympics.

I think the short track skating competition is my new favorite! I love how methodical it is, and at times, everyone moves in sync, but when someone tries to break ahead, there is definitely some good drama! It's like chess on ice!

Sunday started with me peeling potatoes, carrots and chopping onions, celery and green bell peppers and throwing them in the slow-cooker. I threw in some chicken and a bit of cream of celery soup thinned with broth. Then I made some oatmeal for breakfast, which was great.

We brewed some coffee and hit the road for my parents' house! We listened to "This American Life" on the way home... I love that podcast! It's always good.

The weather was beautiful! We had a blueberry scone for a snack. For lunch, I had a baked chicken breast, about 3/4 C green beans, a baked potato with some cheddar cheese, sour cream and LOTS of salsa, along with a bit of minestrone soup, and a salad. I was so full! Lots o veggies, so I felt good about that, but couldn't finish my soup's broth or all the lettuce from my salad (left behind mostly the iceberg). We skipped dessert due to being SO FULL.

We went around, did a little shopping and outdoor play time at a park. Around 4 pm, a front blew in. We were actually outside when in blew in! The wind picked up and it got really cloudy. I think the cold set me in the mood for some comfort food. We went to a diner for dinner and I ordered a smoked chicken melt on potato bread with hash browns. When it arrived, I regretted the hash browns. They weren't that good! Kendall ordered fresh fruit and I REALLY wanted that. The sandwich was delish, but greasy. So this week, I need to lay off the greasy fats.

On the ride home, we stopped and got some coffees (I had decaf) and once home, I packaged up our slow-cooker chicken for the week. I snuck a bite of potato, and it was good. That thing had cooked for 12 hours, and the flavors really melded. I told Kendall that the potatoes reminded me of pot roast flavors-- but without the beef!

We split a beer and then headed off to bed.

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