Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy Day

I had a dentist appointment today, so I was home for lunch today. It was real messy weather with cold and rain, so I decided on some egg salad and tomato soup.

I made the tomato soup with half a can of milk and half a can of chicken broth. Then I added cumin, cayenne and oregano and topped with a bit of shredded pepper jack and a bit of avocado.

I made the egg salad with one boiled egg, 1 Tbsp cottage cheese, a bit of mayo and some Dijon. I wish I had added herbs. But the cottage cheese can help you use less egg, because its a similar texture to boiled egg whites that you've mashed with your fork. Just sayin'.

It was yummy.

And loaded with veggies!

For dinner, tortilla crusted salmon with avocado salsa, couscous, and steamed broccoli.

Oh yes. This is what makes life good.

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