Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Good morning, everybody!

Yesterday was packed full of excitement. I had my oatmeal and my coffee and carpooled with a co-worker. The weather was icky, which meant people were driving like idiots. Luckily, we arrived at work in one piece.

The day flew by, but I was lucky enough to have some yummy lunch. Behold:

I loved that soup I made on Wednesday night so much, I had another round. Chicken, black beans, rice and veggies in broth. Plus a tangerine. The fruit was really, really juicy. But so good!
After work, I had a few pecans and then went to take another test for my biology class. It wasn't bad at all!
I hurried home in the nasty weather for some hearty dinner....

More rice, chicken and veggies in broth. No beans, as Kendall finished those for his dinner.

He did make some mac 'n' cheese, so I had that on the side. I can't complain; the man is nice to me.
Then I played with the dog and settled in for a new episode of "The Office." So funny!

Maple's taken to cozying up on our white couch. It's definitely her "chill" spot. She takes her toys up there to play with them, or curls up and sleeps there. It's pretty dang cute.

So now that we've finished our pot of beans, let's talk about it! I pay $0.98 for a pound of black beans, which I soak and throw in the slow cooker with 6 C water and some salt. That's it. We yielded 7 meals out of that pot! That's $0.14 a meal. Can't beat that with a stick. We did add some yummy things, like chips, avocado, salsa, rice and veggies. A lot of that we had around the house. The salsa probably ended up costing us about $1.50, the avocado was probably about $0.40 and the veggies were probably around the $0.75 mark. Rice was negligible (1 C out of a pound bag that cost $0.99). Chips we had on hand and finished them. Not shabby!

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