Monday, February 8, 2010

Manic Monday!

Today is going to be packed! After work, I'm headed straight to campus to turn in my homework, take my first Organic Chemistry test and do the lab for tonight! Because I'd be taking a test, I kept protein in mind when packing my snack and lunch.

For a snack, I had about 1 C of reduced-fat cottage cheese with some cut up mango. It really hit the spot.

The rain must be making me thirsty, because I've already had 6 C of water and it's only noon! I had a turkey and Swiss on whole-wheat bread with some mayo and lettuce. On the side celery and carrot sticks. A co-worker brought in leftovers from her Superbowl Party. I grabbed 4 BBQ chips because I hadn't had them in a while. And I had dessert! I had a cookie and 4 M&Ms. Yum!

I think I will have some decaf hot tea this afternoon to keep me cozy at my desk while I work. Hopefully I'll get a chance to flip through some notes this afternoon.

For dinner, I've packed another sandwich, but with pepper-jack cheese to warm up my brain muscles and an apple to keep the science-juices flowing as I take my test! ; P

Have a great afternoon/evening!

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