Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

Good thing I had today off from work, because I did NOT want to drive this morning.  It snowed!  I stayed under the covers for as long as possible, then got up and made a warm breakfast and some hot coffee.

Which was oatmeal, cantaloupe, and coffee.

Did I mention that it was PB&J oatmeal? 

I spent most of the morning working on my grad school application.  I got most of it and just have to tweak my essay before sending it in tomorrow.

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so I wanted to eat some solid food.

I made a sandwich with turkey, provolone and lettuce, some baby carrots and juice.

I had been sucking down coffee all morning as I worked and was really paranoid about nasty coffee breath at the dentist, so I switched to herbal tea... peach ginger to be exact.  I heard ginger was good for bad breath, so I gave it a go.  And I brushed my teeth.  I'm sure both were effective...

My appointment was good, but expensive!  I had an extra cavity that they discovered while filling my other one.  I was also fitted for my nightguard, which was gross.  The molding substance they use is like clay.  It's so thick, I felt like I was going to choke on it and it makes this awful suction sound when they take the molding tray out of your mouth.  But it's over with and I should get my guard in 2 weeks, so then my jaw won't be so tired from clamping down my teeth in  my sleep!

Back at the ranch, I was happy to see that my evening class was cancelled due to weather.  "Class cancelled."  Is there another sound in the English language as sweet?  So I sat down for dinner and I had a nice bowl of black beans with homemade salsa, some cheese and a red pepper tortilla.

Seriously, who could say no?

I'm so grateful to the advances in science that lets us eat solid food immediately after getting fillings.

I'm also grateful for SmartWool socks, my dog being funny during her first snow and my cuddling partner, Kendall.  These things make me happy during cold weather.

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