Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Hill of Beans

Wednesday was hump day. And it felt like it. It feels so much better to be on the downward slide now.

For starters, the weather was yucky. Rainy and cold. People in Austin cannot drive in this weather. We are too freaked out. Mock us if you must, but when it comes to people being idiotic behind the wheel, I have to put my foot down.

In the morning, I had oatmeal. It was divine. It was hot and stuck to my ribs, and I poured my hot coffee and bundled up for the cold outside. And then I drove to work.

Work was productive and the morning went by quickly. I love it when that happens. Soon enough, it was lunch time!

I had this:

Black beans with salsa, some buffalo chicken, two pieces of whole-wheat toast and a tangelo. It was warm and filled me up. It was sort of messy, but that's okay.

After work, I stopped by the post office to buy stamps. The line wasn't too long and I considered it my lucky day!

I ate an apple in my car before my class. I was so happy it was just a lecture and not a test or a lab. I just had to sit and listen while the nice man made different rings with his molecular models and talked about electrical charges and configurations. It actually made sense to me, so I was grateful. Then class let out early! I was SO grateful. I was also grateful that I stuffed some gloves in my pocket.

I listened to "This American Life" on the way home and realized how much I love that program. I highly, highly recommend it.

When home, after driving in the dark, cold rain, I made this:

A soup of sorts. Black beans, a bit of shredded buffalo chicken, rice and some veggies simmered in broth. The veggies were still a bit crunchy and the chicken lent a bit of spice. I plopped some salsa on top, naturally. It was warm and hearty. I loved it.

And I love this. My husband playing Scrabble on his phone while our puppy helps him. This also warms me. I would normally consider it cheating, but it's so cute, I'll let it slide.
Have a great Thursday, people!

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