Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew! What a weekend! I feel very productive this Monday morning.

Here's all about Friday:

Work was nice and slow. I started the day with a bowl of best.oats.ever (apple cinnamon flavor with milk and peanut butter) and some hot coffee to keep me warm in the cold, rainy weather!

For lunch, I had a hard-boiled egg along with some leftover couscous and steamed broccoli and a tangelo. It was yummy and warm, even though Kendall thought it was a weird concoction when I packed it. I wanted to eat up those leftovers!

Friday evening, I was ready to relax! Being in class every evening means that I really relish my free time with Kendall and the dog. I got home and walked Maple. We had a nice stroll and picked up the mail.
I started the evening off with a whiskey sour (yummy, but not something I want to make a habit... too sugary!) and some pizza.
Then I decided to cut up the rest of our fresh broccoli and serve it with some Ranch for another veggie serving.

Later that night, we split a beer and had some popcorn while we watched a DVD.

Read the next post for the rest of my weekend in review...

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