Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

I spent Saturday STUDYING for my first ever Organic Chemistry test. I woke up, had some coffee and a cinnamon roll, and then Kendall and I headed to the grocery store to beat the crowds. After a successful shopping trip, I planted myself at the kitchen table while Kendall cleaned the house top to bottom. It's spic and span (thanks, honey!).

Then my fabulous hubby made me lunch! We had pasta salad with black beans, tomatoes, red onions, green pepper, hard-boiled egg and pepper-jack cheese. It was delicious! Then I threw dinner in the crockpot and got back to studying while Kendall and Maple took a fun walk around the State Capital.

I missed them, but I got a lot of good study time in and felt much more confident about the exam when they returned home.

Then I got down to business. After reading all the Superbowl recipes online all week, I was ready to have some! We wouldn't be watching the game on Sunday, so we had it a day early.

For dinner, I chopped up some celery and carrot sticks...

And I made my hot artichoke dip....

And I made slow-cooker buffalo chicken. It was so tender! And the sauce was nice and spicy! I had some red wine on the side.

Falling off the bone.

Then, since I had been couped in the house, Kendall and I went out for dessert. We had fried ice cream. I'll admit-- it's a sugar and fat bomb. But it's delicious. I had never tried it before. This photo isn't great, but it's a ball of vanilla ice cream that is coated in crushed corn flaked, sugar and cinnamon, fried, and then served with a butter praline sauce. Decadent and divine! Can't make this a habit though!
Sunday started with a bowl of oatmeal and water and coffee. Then we drove to have a visit with my parents. For lunch, sweet and sour chicken with rice and a nice salad. And then some ice cream. And apple juice. And more coffee.
We went out for dinner and I had a grilled chicken sandwich with fresh veggies on the side. It hit the spot!
We got home a bit late, and the drive was yucky! Rainy and dark...
We had a glass of wine and got to bed.

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