Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's been three glorious days off!  I kicked off the weekend off right by picking up my husband from the airport!  He made a quick work trip and Maple and I were so happy to have him home.

After a stressful few weeks for both of us, we decided that Friday called for playtime!  We drove out to Marble Falls and had to go to Bluebonnet Cafe for lunch.  They have the best Texas home-cooking food around.  I had the teriyaki chicken breast with spinach, mashed potatoes with gravy and fried okra.  They also serve amazing yeast rolls and corn bread.  It was so good and really hit the spot!  It was the perfect way to start a relaxed weekend.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, you've got to stop by.

We then went for a little walk by the water while in town and then headed back home.  We went to the grocery store and then the comfort food continued!  I made up some BBQ chicken pizza.

Saturday, we cleaned this house from top to bottom!  We divide and conquer and usually, I take the upstairs floors and bathrooms, but I was bored with that.  I chose the downstairs floors, bathroom and kitchen.  I also dusted the blinds because the oak pollen has been awful!

After cleaning, Kendall whipped up some lunch... a veggie-loaded pasta salad!

So so good.  We had mangoes and blackberries for dessert. 

We then went for a walk, and had to run a few more errands.  Then it was time to get cookin'!  More delicious comfort food!  A beer-roasted turkey breast, mac and cheese from scratch, and a three bean salad!  For dessert, we had fresh fruit and a few ginger snaps that we got for free, but did not like.

My parents joined us for dinner, and we went for a little walk after dinner.

Sunday, we kicked off Easter morning with some crepes!  After I did some homework, we showered and headed to my aunt's house for lunch.

Oh yes.  Turkey, green beans with toasted almonds, scalloped potatoes, rolls, salad, fruit salad, and ice cream for dessert!  Yum!  We had a great time visiting, taking photos, playing with the dogs, and hiding Easter eggs.

Then we headed home for dinner.  I fixed some pasta with veggies and had leftovers.

Now we are hanging out, and I am crying and typing while I watch "Extreme Home Makeover." 

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