Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

A quick recap and then I gotta run!  Today is going to be jam-packed.

Yesterday was a lot of repeats.  For lunch, the very last of the white chili with crackers and an apple.  For dinner, a turkey and cheese sandwich with another apple.  For a second dinner after lab, leftover panang curry.  Not nearly enough veggies, but I got a few in at the end of my day.

This morning, more yogurt with cereal and a banana.  Today, I have jury duty.  I need to call in at 10:30 am to see if I can get let off the hook.  I have a lunch packed and did add lots of veggies to it.  Will try to snap a photo!

After jury duty, I have a test.  Then I will be HOME FREE!

I'll leave you with this little article from EatingWell.com.  It's timing couldn't be more perfect;  Kendall and I were talking about eating more of this highly nutritious food this weekend.  Enjoy!

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