Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The rest of Monday was busy busy busy!  I didn't really have a time alotted for lunch.  So I ate at my desk while working.  I hate that.  I never feel relaxed.

I had some sandwiches (not all of those pictured... two went to school with me for dinner) with some crackers and dip.  And lots of carrots!  Plus three slices of watermelon.  Mmm... I love chilled watermelon.  It's so refreshing and I hope to keep eating it through the summer months.  It's starting to get hot here!  We almost reached 90 degrees yesterday.

For dinner, see above... two sandwiches with carrots and half an avocado.  It was quick and filling before class.  I got home with enough time to have my awesome husband make me some quesadillas with slightly carmelized red onions and queso fresco.  They are SO good.  SUPER onion-y.  Super.  Like, eyes were watering while eating and we smelled like onions this morning.  But we love them and I don't think we care enough about the unpleasantries to give up the pure joy of eating them.  Full Quesadilla Disclosure: he uses butter for the onions and then cooks the quesadilla in the same pan. 

This morning, some yogurt and toast with some of that amazing blueberry jam and some watermelon.

I need to start taking more photos.  I realize this.  Life has been crazy.  But class is almost over and I'm hoping to have a food and fun-filled summer.

Summer is a great time to live in Central Texas, from a food standpoint.  The heat is excruciating.  But we get some wonderful produce.  We are starting to see it and we have a long season for fresh, yummy food.  Tomatoes, bell peppers, cukes, squash squash and squash, corn, peaches, strawberries, watermelon.  I can't wait!  What sort of delicious little things grow out of the ground in your area?

Speaking of, here's a new film I just heard about but it's been out for a whole entire year:  Fresh.  Check out the trailer!  I am trying to find it so I can see the whole thing.

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