Monday, April 19, 2010

Week end and Weekend in Review

Sorry for the delay! The past few days have either been crazy, or I've taken advantage of the slow pace by relaxing.

On Thursday, I went to a training for work.  I had a chewy granola bar as a snack in the AM, and for lunch, they brought us yummy deli sandwiches!  I had the vegetarian sandwich, which was loads of yummy veggies and sprouts with some mayo (I think?) and cream cheese on whole-wheat bread.  I only had a half, because it was stacked so high with vegetables.  I also had a very delicious tortellini pasta salad on the side and a cookie, and some olives, all with iced tea.  I grabbed some of the veggies that were the plate garnish as I was almost last in line, and really wanted to fill my quota for the day.  It was great!

Thursday afternoon, we were drenched with rain, which meant traffic was a nightmare!  By the time I got home, I was tired and just wanted to relax, and Kendall and Maple implored me to relax with them.  We had pizza and then I baked cookies!  I just had a hankering for them and realized that I had all the ingredients.  I decreased the recipe and made half without chocolate chips for Kendall and then added some in for me.

Friday, I had cereal for breakfast, and then brought a PB & J on wheat with veggies for lunch.  I had an apple on the side.  It was simple, but good.  Friday, we were going to go out for sushi, but by the time I got home and we got on the road to the restaurant, we were really pushing the sushi happy hour deadline.  When we got to the restaurant, it was packed and there was no parking.  So we had to drive back through downtown which took forever.  But we finally arrived at Enoteca.  I had been disappointed by the pizza, so we decided to try something new.  We still got the calamari, but we ordered pasta with tomato sauce that came with eggplant and zucchini and mozzarella.  It was so good.  We didn't finish it!

Saturday, I had a scrambled egg with cheese on toast and tomato juice.  My parents stayed over, and soon, we hit the road to go to my cousin's wedding.  We got into town and met up with some family for lunch.  I had a bit of chicken fajita, along with salsa and avocado on a tortilla, with rice and beans.  Then I had several strawberries.  Then, some cake.

The wedding was beautiful, and it was so great to see everyone!  The food at the reception was sort of amazing.  After the ceremony, they served grilled veggies, feta cheese, crawfish salad and crackers.  I had one bit of crawfish on a cracker.  Then I had two chunks of feta and loads of asparagus and summer squash.  It was so tasty!  I also sipped a glass of red wine

For dinner, they served chicken in a cream sauce, wild rice, grilled zucchini and salad. 

I was a bit disasspointed about how little zucchini I got (just those two little slices!) so I went back to the appetizer table and grabbed some asparagus and bell peppers.  Under those veggies is a bit of my salad peeking out!  I had lemonade, water and iced tea.  We also had a piece of wedding cake.  Then I had another glass of red wine and a beer.  We all kept talking, and reminiscing, and then it was time to clean up and go back to the hotel!

For breakfast on Sunday, we had a yogurt, some little pastries, and juice.  The hotel didn't have fresh fruit out when we were down, but it was okay.  We squeezed in one more visith with the family, and then were on the road again.  We stopped for lunch at Subway, where Kendall and I split a roasted chicken breast sandwich on 9 grain honey oat bread with all the veggies.

Once home, we walked the dog, washed clothes, put away the laundry and cleaned the house!  I then made some panang curry.

The curry was thin, but the taste was okay.

For breakfast, I had some yogurt with cereal on top and a banana.

Now it's back to the grind!

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