Sunday, April 11, 2010


After a crazy week, we kicked off the weekend with some yummy dinner out at our fave Mexican place.
I ordered a burrito, which was HUGE and a real deal for only $3.50.

Kendall ordered our usual, a chicken tostada...

Saturday, I had cereal for breakfast and we headed out to the farmer's market!  We picked up some lettuce and spinach.  Then we went toy shopping for Maple.  For lunch, we had nachos and deviled eggs, fresh veggies and fruit.  Then we took Maple to the Animal Trustees for her heartworm medication.  After that, Kendall ran to the store while I studied.  Then we made yummy chicken florentine alfredo pasta with asparagus and hollandaise sauce and garlic bread.  It was awesome!  I have a photo on my other camera.

Sunday, I woke up early, had a bowl of raisin bran, and headed to the store.  It's great to get the shopping done early!  When I got home, Kendall had cleaned downstairs.  It looked great.  I studied for a short bit, and then we rearranged furniture.  For lunch, we had a slimmed-down version of chicken salad.  I used equal parts no-fat yogurt and mayo with celery and poached chicken.  I added salt, pepper and celery seed for flavor.  Delish!  I had some tomato juice on the side.

For dinner, I made white chili and squash casserole.  Kendall said about the casserole, "There's no way this is healthy.  It has flavor and cheese!" 

Oh but it is!  Check it out here.

For dessert, we tried a new frozen treat.

Fake "soft serve."  Healthy ice cream.  And by that I mean, AMAZING!  That, my friends, is half a batch of 2 frozen bananas and 1 tsp vanilla extract that were put in the food processor for 4 minutes.  Totally fat free.  No sugar added.  Totally amazing.  Kendall and I agreed that it could use another flavor, like blueberry or strawberry.  I found this through and she found it through a raw foods blog.  I will be trying this again and I HIGHLY recommend this as a great way to get your cold, sweet fix as summer comes around.  Of course, the sweetness depends on the ripeness of the fruit.  This is also fluffier than soft-serve, so it won't be dense like ice cream.  But give this a whirl!

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