Saturday, April 14, 2007

Try This Wine: Xplorador Concho y Toro 2005 Cabernet

For my inaugural run at this new feature, I am late. Mea culpa, mea culpa. We went out for margaritas and then had a not-so-good wine. So here it is... My first Try This Wine!

Sorry for the fuzzy pic!

Recently, our local grocery store put this one on sale, and I suggest that those in Texas snap up a few bottles at this less-than-$10 price. The Chileans once again impress, cementing a new area of the world to get Cabs from. I buy my Shiraz's from Australia, and now I think I'll buy my Cabs from Chile.

So about Xplorador 2005 Cabernet Savignon. Medium-bodied and fruity, this cab has an almost surly presence. It tastes like it's from the earth. Not too dry, it's got a smooth finish. The tannins haven't totally mellowed, but it's still okay for sipping alone. I recommend this with a good pasta with a dark twist, like portabella mushrooms.

For your money (and not much of it) this is a phenomenal wine and one I hope you all will enjoy.

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