Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bag It like You're Green!

Today, as I hauled a hefty pile of newspapers, old school papers, plastic bottles and a few unwashed cans (gross and totally inappropriate, roommates) to the recycle bin, I started to think about those plastic bags you use as you get your fresh veggies and fruits in the produce department. Now, some advocate for buying special cloth bags for this, but I'm a poor student, about to graduate, and currently unemployed. Certainly, I thought, there MUST be a way to reuse those things!

Then, an epiphany. Sure, you can use them to wrap up your flip flops at the beach or to pack small shoes, slippers or sandals in your luggage. But what about reusing them at their original purpose? I mean, we have to wash the produce anyway, so why not just reuse these bags? My ratty, old tote bag has a pocket that's perfect for smushing those clear produce bags into a small compartment. Even if the worst happens, and say you forget your broccoli and it starts to mold and rot, you can always get another one. The point is that you aren't getting NEW ones each time and filling our landscape with garbage.

Happy shopping!

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