Friday, April 6, 2007

El Flaco Worth the Wait

Walk into El Flaco on S. Congress, and you may notice the news clips about the healthier alternative to Mexican food. True enough, the menu is scattered with healthy options, demarkated by a tomato.

But this diner did not opt for a healthy option. I went in for one of my favorite dishes from Mexico: mole. I love the dark sauce and El Flaco does an impressive job. Served over soft, floppy corn tortillas wrapped around shredded chicken, rolled into an enchilada, it is smooth, almost creamy, sweet and sensual. I've had good and bad moles; this one is very good. Good enough that I had to share, but, of course, I would only share a little bit. The rice is good and the beans are a bit smoky and delicious.

The food took a while to be delivered, but a sign notes that this is due to dishes being cooked by the order. Reasonably priced and in a cozy, homey restaurant, El Flaco is worth the wait.

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