Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jacob's Creek 2005 Shiraz-Cabernet

Again, I'm late. But this week's Try This Wine is here!

When my boyfriend brought home the Jacob's Creek 2005 Shiraz-Cabernet mix, I was skeptical. I like a good shiraz, and I like a good cab, but I generally shy away from blends. But this one was good.

It's got all the punchiness and body of a shiraz. It's fruity and brooding, and really smooth. As it fades, the body and fruit is melded with the dry acidity of the cab. It doesn't taper well, but there's enough good in this one to come out on the positive side.

As with most reds, this would be great with red meat or anything dark. But maybe even lighter fare with a touch of the sensuality, like cinnamon or raisins.

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