Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Go Green!

It feels like the oh-so-popular thing to be writing about these days, especially after Oprah's Earth Day special. America has been pummeled with more and more about going green, conserving our resources and saving our planet. From An Inconvenient Truth to the Green Room at the Oscars, we've gotten our fair share of tips to help out.

And with good reason. Have you seen those statistics? It's scary! I was jolted awake when I finally saw An Inconvenient Truth. I stared at my bottle of water on the table and felt horrible guilt. So this post is dedicated to going green and what I'm doing to help out!

1. Bag it.
I have about 1,000 plastic bags from the grocery store. Now, my boyfriend protests that he uses his as lunch sacks and garbage bags. Good for him. I think this is permissible, as long as you haven't stock-piled them like I have. I've vowed to throw my old, ratty and ugly tote bags in my trunk so that I'm always prepared for the grocery store. Sure, on occasion, you'll forget them, and the plastic ones you get that visit can be reused. Wrap up shoes you're packing for vacation, take them with Fido on your next walk, sack your lunch, or line your bathroom wastebasket with them.

2. Forget the Hype: No More Bottles!
I love carrying around water like the rest of you hydration-focused folks. But think of all the plastic we're using up. In fact, to make 1 liter of bottled water, it actually takes 5 liters of water. That's nuts! Also startling: the plastic used to make the bottles is usually grade 1, which means it can leech harmful chemicals into your water, or, at the least, make your agua taste like plastic. No thanks. Instead, buy a reusable bottle. I love my Rubbermaid 32 oz. bottle. It cost about $3, and has lasted many months now. It's made from grade 5 plastic, which is better for us. No more plastic bottles EVER!

3. Cut down on paper, don't cut down trees.
Love firs? Think pines are divine? Then stop using so much paper! You know when your printer spits out a whole page with a line or two of insignificant info, like a web address or time and date? Turn it over and pop it back in your printer! Recycle your newspapers and everything else you don't need.

4. Switch off the light.
Sounds simple. Because it is simple. Open your windows and enjoy natural light during the day. Only use lights when you need them.

5. Shut off during shaving.
Ladies, think about it. Do you really need the water running from the shower when you're shaving? I usually find myself in this strange hunch-back position, trying to guard the water away from legs so it doesn't wash off all my shaving lotion. So instead, try shutting off the water. Turn on the faucet for a second to rinse your razor. Then go back to work. You know that wonderful feeling of stepping into a warm shower? This way, you'll get that feeling twice. You might get a little chilly during shaving, but it's saving lots of water and possibly speeding up the time-consuming task.

So that's what this green gal is implementing in her life to help out and keep our Earth keepin' on! Happy, healthy living!

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