Monday, May 3, 2010

Classic Breakfast Tacos

Here in Texas, there are three things we don't joke about: BBQ, beer and breakfast tacos.  And maybe guns, but let's not go there, yes?

Breakfast tacos are the perfect solution for those who love eggs and savory breakfasts with a kick.  They are simple and there are as many variations as your imagine and time allows.  My absolute favorite is potato and egg with salsa, but you will also see eggs mixed with bacon or chorizo, as well as bean and cheese.  All are great, but today, I made another classic version: egg and cheese.

Egg and cheese tacos are warm, salty and have a great combonation of the softness of egg and cheese and the crispness of the tortilla.

To make, you will need: flour tortillas, eggs, milk (optional), cheese of your choice, salt and pepper, butter, the salsa you desire.

First, whisk your eggs with a dash of salt and pepper.  You can also add a splash of milk here to add some fluffiness to your eggs.  Really whisk.

Then heat a bit of butter in a pan, and add your egg mix.

Let this firm up at the bottom until white (as picture above in a dim-lit manner).

Then take a spatula, and scramble.

Once done, take the eggs out and add a little more butter to the same pan.  Just a little teency, weensy little bit.

That's more like it!  Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Now slap a tortilla on there!

Now, listen.  This next thing I'm about to reveal to you is a life skill.  This is so much bigger than breakfast tacos, if you can imagine.  When browning tortillas, please please please let it bubble like shown above in the lower center.  You want it to puff.  Do not squish.  Let it do this for a few seconds, and then... flip!

Presto!  A beautiful, golden flaky tortilla!  You can then use these for whatever your little heart desires... breakfast tacos, other types of tacos, slathered with beans and cheese and salad and guac and sour cream and salsa for a little tostada, slathered with just guac and rolled up and eaten with your eyes closed and you enjoy the smoothness and crunch and flakiness and nuttiness...  But I digress.  This tortilla is for the tacos.  So repeat this for your number of tacos.  I made two.  Put your tortillas in the skillet side-by-side, like little twin sisters.

Awww.... true love.  Now, spoon the eggs on top.

And add your favorite cheese.  Here, I used some sliced colby jack.  But please, feel free to use monterry jack with the little peppers in it, or mozzarella, or queso fresco...

Let this sit in the pan and get a bit melty.  Then fold in half.

Those are some lovely, fat tacos.    They're ready to plate!  Once plated, and if this fat, you might want to press them a bit with the back of the spatula.

Go ahead and spoon a little salsa on top.

Enjoy this hearty treat with some fresh fruit, juice and coffee or tea.

Sit and ponder why you don't make these every morning.  Ponder why my glass is frosty in this picture.  Okay okay, I'll tell you!  The juice was just out the pantry, so I poured it early and stuck the whole glass in the freezer to cool while I cooked.  It was plenty cold and refreshing when I sat down to dig in.  Cute trick, no?  Not really a trick, but humor me.

If I would do this all over again, I would...
-add potatoes, because those are my favorite.
-use some fresh cilantro from the fridge, for the love of pete.
-make a fruit salad with mango, watermelon and maybe some berries, since I have most of that in my fridge.

But somedays are lazier than others, so it was no potatoes, no cilantro and no fruit salad.

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Those breakfast tacos look so good! You should submit the recipe to!