Sunday, October 17, 2010

Husband's Easy, Yummy Fish Quesadillas

What a great weekend!  We spent lots of time with the family eating, shopping, laughing and celebrating my nephew's birthday.  After lots of eating out, Kendall and I felt like throwing together something quick, yummy and light tonight.  Inspired by our Mexican food last night, we thought we might try our hand at some salmon enchiladas.  But time got away from us, the salmon didn't thaw quickly enough, and so Kendall took the helm at the stove.

Have I ever mentioned that my husband is a REALLY good cook when he gets behind the stove?  But a few burners in front of him, and the man's on fire.  Not literally.

After rifling through the fridge, he found some canned tuna, cheese, and lots of onions.  And lo, a delightful new dinner was born.

I know.  Tuna.  I was doubtful, but figured that it couldn't be that bad.  And I was pleasantly surprised!

I had two with a little leftover jalapeno ranch sauce on top.  But look at what was inside these things:

Tuna, lots and lots of diced onions and cheese.  Kendall used between 1/2 and 3/4 of an onion, and used a mix of red and a bit of a white onion we had left over.  He sweated them SLIGHTLY in a pat of butter, then mixed with tuna and heated through.  He also used some garlic salt to add a little flavor.  A sprinkle of cheese and layer of tuna mixture between corn tortillas.

The tuna added a nice fish flavor but what you really taste are the onions.  It's a new, fun, and easy way to get a little more fish in your diet.

I had a salad on the side with some lovely greens from Organic Girl that I scored on sale for a dollar.  Best deal ever!

On the subject of fish, I highly recommend checking out the Seafood Watch Program.  They have a pocket guide or free iPhone app that will tell you the best and most sustainable fish to buy, order and eat.  I personally love the iPhone app because it uses the GPS function to figure out where in the nation you are and then give you recommendations based on your area.  So get yours now!

I've got a crazy week ahead, so that's all for me for now.  Good night!

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DavePR said...

Great recipe! Are you familiar with Wild Planet Foods' Tuna? They are a sustainable seafood company, and because of their safe practices their canned seafood is lower in Mercury and higher in Omega 3s than the top national brands! keep up the great cooking!