Monday, September 28, 2009

New Direction?

After a little internal debate, I'm going to try a little project with my blog. The goal: To blog more regularly, eat healthily, and save some money. Inspired by two blogs recently, Eat Like Me and 30 Bucks a Week, I've decided to attempt a fusion of sorts. I'll attempt to post my healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals, with nutrition serving information, all by spending $40/week for my husband and myself. We discussed spending $30, but figured $40 would be an easy way to break into it, and would represent a rather significant savings from our current average grocery bill. A few notes about the blogs I referenced above... I love both of them.

I started reading Eat Like Me a few years ago. Cristin Dillon-Jones is a registred dietician in Boston and blogs for Self Magazine. It's great to see what a nutritionist eats on a day-to-day basis. She is also a big coffee fan, so she has won my adoration forever. She recently had a beautiful baby boy, so she appeals to the everywoman-on-the-go-with-a-family-to-feed.

I just found 30 Bucks a Week, thanks to Bitten, Mark Bittman's blog for the NY Times. Tina and Phil live in Brooklyn and blog about what they're able to snag and cook for $30/week. This doesn't include alcohol or meals out, but they have hosted friends on this budget, so it's extra-inspiring for a hostess like me! Their meals are very healthy and vegetarian, which I find very useful as Kendall and I are trying to eat definitely less chicken and a little less fish and more vegetarian meals (we don't eat mammals). Also, these two seem like fans of unprocessed food, so I know we'll be fast friends. Tina referenced anxiously awaiting colder temps so she can get back to baking her own bread. Tina, I hear you! I feel the exact same way!

We've already shopped for this week, so I would feel bad trying to start with the $40 bucks criteria, but I can start posting meals and nutrition information for this week. I'm also considering opening a new blog for this venture...?

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