Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Menu, Please.

Now that ads are out, I am busy planning our menu for next week. I recommed this for those that are watching what they eat and/or watching their budget. Besides, it relaxes me and I think it's fun to piece together sale items into a yummy week of food.

I found a great butternut squash soup recipe that is simple, and I have everything but the squash! I also found an inspiring recipe of spaghetti squash with walnut pesto. I think I might add some fresh tomatoes (just warmed) and grilled chicken and maybe a quick bread.

We had our usual breakfast of cereal with milk, but I had a bit more cereal than usual (1.5 serv grains, 1 serv milk). For lunch, a turkey sandwich w/ tomatoes, red onions and mayo (2 serv grains, 1 serv meat, 1 serv veggies) plus some green bell pepper sticks on the side and a pear (1 serv veggies, 1 serv fruit). At work, we had a healthy potluck for Active for Life. I totally spaced on bringing a dish, but still had to take a peak at the table. I loaded up on some carrots and broccoli (1 serv veg) with about 1 tsp ranch, watermelon and grapes (1 serv fruit), a great quinoa-cranberry salad (.25 serv grains), and about 3 HUGE tortilla chips with some (1 Tbsp) of Heather's famous dip (olives, cheddar cheese and sour cream). Dinner was a repeat of last night's spaghetti with meat sauce and asparagus.

We went for a lovely walk, as usual, and I just booked my tickets to Portland! I'm so excited to eat my weight in salmon and taste some great microbrews.

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