Monday, July 23, 2007

Done with Dining Out?

After much debate, I'm seriously reconsidering dining out. What used to be a pleasant outing and a chance to sample good cuisine in a nice atmosphere has turned into a stressful experience that robs my pocketbook and my schedule. Often, the food isn't that tasty and is way overpriced. Finding a decent meal in a nice place with nice service is also a challenge. Maybe this city is too hip for me, but whatever happened to the helpful server?

My friend Bethany visited this weekend for her birthday. Because of time, we went out for lunch at a Pan-Asian chain (Fine, I'll name it: Pei Wei). While my lunch of Dan Dan Noodles, something I'd never had, was good, it was essentially soy sauce, spice and cornstarch with noodles and chicken. Hardly revolutionary, and for the price ($7), hardly worth it. Then for dinner, we went out for Mexican food, at local chain Baby A's. It too was sub-par. My plate of enchiladas suizas were NOTHING to write home about. The rice and beans were mediochre, there were no tortillas of any kind, and the margarita was strong, but lacked the punch of lime I crave. We opted to sit on the patio because inside it was dim and had suspiciously wet floors and smelled of cigarettes. Outside, the music was blaring, and smoke wafted everywhere. I'd also like to add that our server was cocky and not at all helpful.

Why pay for that sort of thing? I find much more delight in cooking these meals myself, and I feel my loved ones would appreciate it more. Am I too harsh? Or is the restaurant business really lacking lately?

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