Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sip Cooler

It's getting warmer! Before it gets to be swelteringly hot, I suggest keeping hydrated. But skip the disposable plastic water bottles from the case or cooler. Do your wallet and the planet a favor and pick up one of these reuseable water bottles.

Here, we have what I sip from, the Rubbermaid Chug Bottle. Find it in your local grocery or discount store for about $3.50. So instead of buy flats of water bottles every week for the same price, make the investment once, and refill it. It's dishwasher safe, and can hold from 20-32 oz.

I like the high volume. Here in Texas, those puny 16 oz. bottles don't cut it. If I'm really hot or thirsty, I finish one in a few gulps and am unsatisfied. This gives me more than I can chug in one go. And if I finish it off, I just have to refill it at the nearest tap.

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