Monday, March 5, 2007

The Taste of Texas

They say everything's bigger in Texas. But just because its title has "Texas" in it, doesn't mean it's going to be good. I enjoy sampling the fine wines our state's 54-and-growing wineries has to offer, espeically those from the Hill Country. Ste. Genevieve is quickly becoming a favorite, due to their good selection, incredibly affordable prices and the "bigger in Texas" magnums readily available at your local grocery store.

Ste. Genevieve's Cabernet Savignon is my grandfather's favorite. He pours it into a small decanter before his lunch and dinner. I used to find huge supplies of it in his study closet, stockpiled to last him for weeks. In some ways, you could say it's a family tradition. My parents have always their Blushes, Zinandels and yes, Cabs in their wine rack.

Ste. Genevieve is one of Texas' largest wineries, located in Fort Stockton. One of the Lone Star State's older wineries, their grapes have had more time to develop an unique flavor. Their Texas Red is an interesting blend with a dry edge, but still, a bit bitter and a bumpy finish. I prefer their Red, a polite and tasty table wine. No Texas. Just red. Another blend, this one's less sour, has a better body and a smoother finish. While you may find the Texas Red hard to drink on its own, you'll probably have litte trouble drinking a glass of the Red by itself.

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