Monday, March 19, 2007

Sushi that heals the Seoul

Seoul Restaurant & D.K.'s Sushi Bar delivers quite a punch for your dollar. Don't let the exterior fool you. When you pull up the the strip mall on South First Street, you see no real sign, just letters on a window advertising sushi. Once you step inside, you are met with a quiet and immaculate restaurant.

Once seated, peruse the menu. The restaurant offers a nice mix of Japanese and Korean dishes, including the classic tempura and kim-chee. If you like sushi, get it here. The lunch of tuna or California rolls will fill you; you will also get a salad and bowl of miso soup. All of it is delicious. The tuna rolls are fresh and come with a variety of tunas. For the first time in my life, I didn't gag on seaweed. The fish melts in your mouth, melding nicely with the sticky rice.

It's also an Austin hotspot, revered by locals. At night, it's rumored to turn into a wild karaoke bar, as evidenced by the disco ball hanging silently and the television sets mounted on the walls. The staff is sweet and accomodating, and the food is reasonably priced ($8-15 for a lunch plate) for the quality.

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